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Here I am with "Ducky".
I just LOVE furry squeaky toys.

Here's my silly grin!
I just LOVE Christmas time!   My human family got me lots of presents and wrapped them up so nice...but I tore 'em up!  I just couldn't wait to see what was in there!!  This was my favorite present, a bone shaped snowman with a squeaker inside!!!
Here's my other favorite toy. 
It's a squeaky groundhog and I want my mom to play with me!
I bark at her until she tries to take it away from me and when she does, she'll hide it under a blanket and I go crazy trying to dig it out!!
It's great fun and it makes me feel like a big hunting dog!
About Me!!
This page was last updated on: September 29, 2014
As you know, I am a AKC registered Miniature Pinscher. 
I came to live with my new family in Ohio when I was a year and a half old. I was a little afraid at first but with the love of such a terrific family, I warmed up to them real fast! Especially my mom!  
She REALLY loves me and makes me feel so very special.
Me and my dad play a game. Mom holds me and dad pretends to get mom and I bite him on the nose!  Idon't bite him hard because I would never hurt my daddy!  He likes it when I act fierce. I don't know why but it's a fun game and we play it alot! 
Sometimes he gives me a doggy treat and I won't eat it until he pretends like he's going to get it and I'll growl like crazy!  Then he pets me and I eat my treat!  I love my family!
My mom has goats and I go to the barn with her every day to make sure that no mice get her! I protect my mom!
My favorite thing is when we just go sit out on the grass and she rubs my tummy while the warm sun shines on us. It feels SO good.
I also love going "bye-bye" in the truck somewhere with them. I don't care where we go, as long as we go together. Sometimes we stop at places that smell so good and my mom and dad get food and they give me little nibbles. I REALLY like when we go to those places!!
Could I be any cuter????
Another portrait done at Pet Supplies Plus
This is the day that me and mama went to the park by ourselves. We walked all around the park on the path and I got to see ducks and geese and bark at them! Then we had a little picnic and rested on the grass before another short walk. It was a grand day! 
We treasure our time together.
Now I'm not a dress-up kind of dog but I like some of my clothes. I have winter coats and rain coats for cold and rainy bad weather. But I love  to wear my bathrobe after my baths. When I'm wet, I feel a little itchy and my bathrobe gets me all warm and cozy and may coat dries real fast. 
Plus I look so handsome in it especially on my red velvet couch! 
"I love you mama!!"
(I love you too my sweetest puppy!)
My mom is going to add LOTS more pictures very soon and tell you more about my life. 
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